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minion purple

spikesgirl58 in minions_unite


I knooow!! I've been SOOO busy!!
How've you beeen!! I hope you're very good!! =)
Not bad. We have two kittens (bringing us up to five!) that are keeping us pretty busy and there's always work, work, and more work. The Boy has moved back to this coast and that's lovely too.
Oh wow, 5 kitties~ that's sounds like fun... but lots of work also hehe

That's great, now it will be easier for you to meet <3 !! =)

I'm very happy to hear from you =)
They are, but I love them and they get along so well. How is everything going with you. Did you get to Japan?
Is going calmly good haha I need to start working faster on how to get to Japan sooner hahaha =) or anywhere else haha =P
Keep at it. I know you can do it!